Michelle Heaton heralds mushrooms as key ingredient in healthy family meals


Entertainer, TV personality and personal trainer Michelle Heaton, is the latest celebrity mum to team up with the Mushroom Bureau to front their ‘Just Add Mushrooms’ campaign, aimed at encouraging consumers in the UK and Ireland to cook more with fresh mushrooms.

The fitness fanatic and mother of two young children will be the fourth celebrity to don the ‘Just Add Mushrooms’ chef’s hat in print and digital ads, following the campaign launch with Nadia Sawalha last October and more recent collaboration with property guru Sarah Beeny and Westlife star Nicky Byrne. The ads will be appearing across the UK and Ireland from today and are part of a three year promotional campaign.

Michelle is well known for her passion for healthy eating and an active lifestyle and, as part of the promotion, will share three simple and healthy mushroom meal ideas popular with her whole family. 

The three delicious dishes include a super-quick mushroom and chicken stir fry, tasty Portabello mushrooms baked with an egg in the centre, and a Greek-inspired warm mushroom and feta salad. Michelle will also be sharing some of her favourite time saving cooking tips to help parents spend less time in the kitchen and more playing with the kids!

As well as being low in fat and calories, mushrooms also have a whole host of health benefits, with roughly four mushrooms (80g) counting as one of your 5 a day fruit and vegetable portions. As a natural source of vitamin B₅, which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, mushrooms are an easy way of adding flavour and nutrition to a wide range of meals.

Michelle said: “Having a growing young family has made me more aware than ever of the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet, and I’m always looking for new ways to introduce healthy ingredients in to my family cooking. 

“Mushrooms are perfect for this because they can be added to so many different meals, and even chopped up really small in sauces if you have fussy little eaters! With fresh mushrooms in the fridge at home, I know I’ll always be able to put together a tasty and nutritious meal that my whole family will love.”  

For Michelle’s recipes and lots more tasty mushroom meal ideas, visit www.justaddmushrooms.com. For more of Michelle’s top tips on healthy cooking for the family, visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MoreToMushrooms.